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Where it all started

Progressive Health & Performance was born out of our passion to help those who need it the most. As a nation, our health is crumbling. Health care costs are rising exponentially and our population is becoming increasingly more sick and tired. We know that the journey to health isn’t often a straight, clear path when walking it alone. We set out to walk the journey with people to get them to a place where they can thrive.


where we are headed


We see a future where we help as many people as we can. We want to feel we are truly making an impact in our client’s life by improving their health and supporting them along their wellness journey in any way that we can.

Our team is collectively the most educated and diverse group of fitness and health professionals in Murrieta and the Temecula Valley. Every person in our community gets a unique fitness and health experience because we know that each person’s situation and goals require it. We are constantly expanding our knowledge and available services, so we can serve our community. We will endlessly pursue new, impactful ways to help our community improve their quality of life and overall happiness.

At Progressive Health & Performance we promise you that you get the expertise you need and deserve to get you to your goals efficiently and effectively.


Our Promise To You

At Progressive Health & Performance, you will never get lost in the crowd or stuck doing the same workout as everyone else. We will take the time to listen to your needs and customize workout outs designed to suit you and your fitness goals.  

We know that athletes and tactical service members looking to improve performance need to train differently than someone looking to manage or prevent health conditions. This is why we will ensure we have trained professionals that will help you, support you, and motivate you during your training. 

We know that those who are in need of pain relief and rehabilitation need to train differently than those looking to get back in shape for summer. We promise to be supportive and understanding of what this journey looks like. Not only that, but we will create training programs that are tailored to you and your physical needs.


about us - our promise

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