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Why Your Fitness Journey is Doomed and 3 Ways We Fix It:

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If you’re reading this, chances are you’re feeling frustrated with your fitness journey. You’ve tried everything from crash diets to extreme workouts, but nothing seems to be working. You feel like your fitness journey is doomed, but don’t worry – you’re not alone. Many people struggle with getting in shape, but the good news is that it’s never too late to turn things around. 

Here’s Why Your Fitness Journey May Be Doomed 🔥:

  1. Lack of Consistency
    One of the most common reasons why fitness journeys fail is a lack of consistency. It’s easy to start off strong when you’re excited about something new because it’s the beginning of the year or you watched some motivational video. The gas in that tank drains soooo quickly. Here’s one reason why…

    Our brains chase comfort/ease. Unfortunately, exercise provides neither of those things. If you’re doing exercise right, you will be breathing heavily, sweating, and probably a little sore. Those things are the opposite of comfort and ease. Your subconscious brain will tell you to run away from those things for a couch, a movie, or comfort food. 

    Layer onto that, the fact that the results you are looking for aren’t instant and you have a recipe for disaster if you’re looking for willpower to carry you.
  1. Lack of Accountability
    Another reason why fitness journeys fail is a lack of accountability. We already established that working out is uncomfortable. It’s easy to skip a workout, especially when noone will know or say anything. We’ve all been there after a long day. We all have other responsibilities that we can reasonably say “need” our attention. Many a resolution has died after 1 skipped day turned into a skipped week, and then a month, then…gone. 

    Find a workout partner or work with a personal trainer to hold you accountable. If you’re interested in personal training to stay accountable, click HERE to learn about our trainers at Progressive Health & Performance
  1. Lack of Proper Nutrition
    Nutrition plays a huge role in your fitness journey. It’s important to fuel your body with healthy, nutrient-dense foods that will give you the energy you need to fuel your workouts but also to help your body recover. This looks different for everyone so finding a routine that works for your body’s needs AND fits your lifestyle obligations is important.

  2. Lack of Patience
    Most people expect to see results overnight, but that’s just not the way it works. We don’t get out of shape or gain weight overnight. So many get discouraged when they don’t see progress right away and may give up on their fitness journey. Remember that getting in shape takes time and patience. You have to build momentum but you also have to reverse the momentum that you may previously have had going the wrong direction first. It’s important to set realistic goals and understand that progress takes time. Celebrate small victories along the way and keep pushing forward.

  3. Lack of Knowledge or Lack of Confidence
    Many people start their fitness journey without the proper knowledge. They may not know how to properly perform exercises or how to create a workout plan that’s right for them and their goals. You can even take this further because of our last point. When the results aren’t instant it’s easy to question whether what you are doing is even working. You’re brain is chasing instant gratification and when those results don’t come instantly it’s easy to question whether any of this even works.

How We Fix it at PHP 🏋🏼‍♀️:

  1. Consistency 💪🏽
    We know that everyone is busy and schedules are tight. We work as a team to create FLEXIBILITY and AVAILABILITY all day and almost every day so EVERYONE has the ability to attend our sessions. Your schedule is our schedule.

    Our expectation isn’t that everyone quits their job and spends 2 hours/day, 5 days/week in the gym. Our education, experience, and training system allows us to maximize your time spent working out efficiently so our ask is for you to carve our 1 hour 2-3x/week for us. If you can’t find 2 hours then we will help you find it 😉
  1. Accountability ⏰
    This can be just as vital as the workout itself. Here’s our system:

    Appointment-based scheduling – We know when to expect you and so do you. This creates more support for you as no one wants to be a flake. No one leaves our doors without us knowing the next time we will see them.

    Real human follow-up – If someone doesn’t show up for an appointment, it’s weird for us. If it does happen we call/text with 2 vital purposes – 1) to Make sure you’re ok and 2) to find out when we can get you back on the schedule. No one falls through the cracks.

    Connection – There’s no anonymity at PHP. We get to know you and you become a part of our community. This provides positive feedback to keep the process fun and enjoyable.

  2. Nutrition and More 🍏
    Our Client Success Program provides you with individualized care and attention to everything you will need to reach your goals. Need a meal plan? Done. Need some tips on how to overcome a barrier in your day? We got you covered. Nothing is off the table and we have the most knowledgeable collective team in the Temecula and Murrieta area to overcome anything in your way. I guarantee it.

  3. Patience, Knowledge, and Confidence 🔑
    This is why it pays off to work with our health and fitness professionals. We take the time to understand everything we need to know about you to make sure you get the program and experience curated for YOUR NEEDS. This allows us to put you on a stable fast track. There’s no guessing. Our Kinesiologists know how you need to work out to get YOUR RESULTS. This provides you confidence that every day you show up, you’re moving closer to your goal and that your time, money, and energy investment will pay off

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Interested in learning more about how to fix your fitness journey? Schedule a COMPLIMENTARY Discovery Session with us, to talk about how we can work together to help you reach your fitness goals and get back on track with your fitness journey! 

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