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Private Personal Training

Private Personal Training is our premium fitness and wellness program. If you’re looking for 1-on-1 attention to detail this is the service for you. Our private training program is a full-service, holistic fitness, nutrition, and wellness program designed to tackle several areas within health and wellness to help you reach your goals. Best for those with: Little to no workout experience Significant health concerns Significant injury/rehabilitation needs A desire for a complete fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle makeover.

Semi-Private Personal Training

Semi-Private personal training is a unique fitness service that combines the detail and accountability of private training with the energy and cost savings of group fitness classes. All the most common important components of personal training at half the price. Best for those: Without major health or injury concerns Who need accountability, consistency, and a supporting community Wanting professional guidance to help with difficult goals.

Corrective Therapy

Corrective Therapy Sessions use a combination of modalities targeted around relieving pain, improving mobility, and reducing body tension. Techniques used include: – Massage – Cupping – Acupuncture – Biomechanical Stretching.

Athletic Performance Training

Training for athletic performance has evolved immensely over the last few decades, and it continues to evolve. It’s not just about building bigger and stronger muscles anymore. Our Progressive Performance Training focuses on all aspects of sport and performance. We focus on building neuromuscular efficiency along with strength, power, and endurance in our athletes. That means improving balance, coordination, agility, reaction time, and sport-specific movement. We also use cutting-edge injury prevention and recovery techniques to keep athletes well-tuned and get them back on the field quickly and safely after an injury.

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