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Training for athletic performance has evolved immensely over the last few decades, and it continues to evolve. It’s not just about building bigger and stronger muscles anymore. Our Progressive Performance Training focuses on all aspects of sport and performance. We focus on building neuromuscular efficiency along with strength, power, and endurance in our athletes. That means improving balance, coordination, agility, reaction time, and sport specific movement. We also use cutting-edge injury prevention and recovery techniques to keep athletes well tuned and get them back on the field quickly and safely after an injury.

Specialties / Features

  • Sport, position, and goal specific individual training
  • Professional biomechanics analysis
  • Speed, agility, and power
  • Injury rehabilitation, management, and prevention

39400 Murrieta Hot Springs Rd
​Suite 122A
Murrieta, CA, 92563

Monday – Friday:
06:00 – 19:00

Saturday – Sunday:
07:00 – 10:00

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