Hello, I'm

Hello, I’m Amy Sotis, Nutritionist and Wellness Coach at PHP. I cater to Moms, Dads, Seniors, and people who feel like they have “tried everything” and still can’t lose weight. Don’t give up hope – it’s never too late to make a positive change for your health and wellness! I specialize in behavior modification and developing a nutrition plan based on your unique situation.

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My message to you

As we go through various seasons of life, our nutritional needs fluctuate. Sometimes our habits and choices with food don’t align with our actual caloric needs, and we become imbalanced with excess weight. Sometimes “life” happens, and we become entrenched in a cycle of eating that is detrimental to optimal health. For those of you who are parents, your food choices are often highly influenced by your family. I will work with you to develop a nutrition and wellness plan that is appropriate for you and your whole family.

My Journey

I started my career in business and never gave too much thought to my personal wellness. It wasn’t until I was in the busy years of having children and a career that I noticed my weight ballooning and energy levels sliding. After having my third son, I was overweight, uncomfortable, and a little desperate. I decided to do something about it beyond binge dieting. In a two-year journey, I lost 50 pounds through dedicated nutrition changes, lifestyle modification and a serious fitness regime. I feel like I became a new person! Thus, I decided to pursue a career in Nutrition and give back to others in the same way others had poured in to me. Even with three sons at home, I decided to get my Master’s-level certification in Nutrition in order to help people transform their lives as mine had been transformed. After completing my education, I started a business called Luminaries Retreat, where I offered residential nutrition and wellness retreats for individuals looking to holistically change their lifestyles. We worked on nutrition coaching, fitness plans, spiritual/soul care, cooking classes, and outdoor recreation to help them change their habits and learn how to prioritize their health. I bring that experience and background to my current practice at PHP.

My Mission and Practice

I particularly love to help people realize that, although change is difficult, it is worth it! You are worth it! Even when you’re in a season of life that is challenging, it is worth it to prioritize your health. I offer personalized nutrition coaching as well as behavior modification coaching. As I mentioned before, I particularly love to work with parents who are cooking for a family as well as seniors who have found that their nutrition needs have changed through the years. I believe weight loss through nutrition changes, fitness, and soul-care is not only possible but probable if you have the dedication to the coaching.

Areas of Expertise

  1. Nutrition planning, cooking education, lifestyle modification.
  2. Helping you determine how to prioritize your health and wellness given your particular life challenges.
  3. Compassion and being relatable for Moms, Dads, and those in an older age group

I look forward to helping you! PHP can’t wait to have you.

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