Hello, I'm

I am a Kinesiologist, SGX Coach, & Obstacle Course Specialist. I enjoy running Spartan Races and any obstacle course race. Exercise and fitness has been a great journey and I continue to learn new things every time. I enjoy teaching new and experienced clients in fitness and then applying them to bigger goals or goals they would have never dreamed of doing.

Mark Arjona.

My Journey

I’ve received my Bachelors Degree from California State San Marcos in Kinesiology – Applied Exercise Science. I continued to earn my certification of personal training through the American Council of Exercise. With six years of personal training experience I continue to expand my knowledge of different types of training. I created a team to experience our first Spartan Race. Since then, I continued to certify myself as an Spartan SGX coach & Obstacle Course Specialist.

My Mission and Practice

My mission is to help you get off the couch, out of your routine, and improve your life & wellness. I continue to practice and teach self body awareness so that you (as a client) can understand what your body is doing. I help develop new routines and way to improve your quality of life and show you new ways to enjoy it.

So what’s stopping you from pushing yourself? What is holding you back from improving in areas you need? Let’s talk!

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