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I’m the Registered Dietitian here at PHP and I am so excited you’re here! I am here to help you achieve your goals through the formation of healthy, sustainable habits. Get ready to be empowered!

Natalie Brunoforte

My Story: 

My interest in nutrition and fitness sparked when I was diagnosed with high cholesterol at the age of 19. As a child I was very thin and struggled to put on weight. For years my pediatrician instructed me to “eat whatever I want” with no regard to the quality of the food I was putting into my body. As the years passed this eventually caught up to me. When I received my diagnosis, I was determined to improve my cholesterol without the use of medication. With some general recommendations from the endocrinologist, I began making small changes to my diet and lifestyle. Within 3 months I saw a significant improvement not only in my cholesterol levels, but also in my mental and physical health.

Eager to learn more about nutrition and how it impacts our health, I decided to pursue a degree in Dietetics from the University of Delaware. After receiving my bachelor’s degree in 2016 I went on to work for a major weight-loss company where I got to work with hundreds of individuals from across the nation. From there, I went on to complete a 12-month Dietetic Internship program with a focus in Sports Nutrition and Entrepreneurship. In 2018 I passed the national examination and became a credentialed Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN).

My mission and specialty:

My mission is to help others improve their quality of life and self-esteem so they can live a fulfilling and purpose-driven life. I believe that good healthcare encompasses caring for the mind, body, and soul.  I understand that nutrition can be a touchy subject. It is important for you to understand that I am not here to discourage you or make you feel guilty, but to support, encourage, and empower you with the tools you need to be successful for life! When it comes to nutrition, I believe in moderation, inclusivity, and sustainability, rather than restriction and excluding certain foods or food groups, unless medically necessary. My approach to nutrition counseling places an emphasis on education, behavior-modification, and habit formation to ensure you can not only achieve your goals but sustain them for life. Your health is my priority!

My specialties are disordered eating, weight-loss, and sports nutrition.

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