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Functional Nutrition is a dynamic approach to healing that addresses underlying imbalances, or root causes, of dysfunction and corrects them through dietary and lifestyle interventions. My goal is to help you restore health and vitality, rather than simply managing symptoms.

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How can I help you?

Are you suffering from fatigue? Brain fog? Anxiety? Maybe you have chronic pain and headaches or ongoing GI discomfort like bloating. How about diabetes, PCOS, or food sensitivities? These are just a few of the symptoms that manifest when our body is imbalanced. It’s time to stop covering up the symptoms with energy drinks, Advil, antacids, and diet pills. These solutions are temporary and may lead to worse conditions down the road. Let’s work together to find the underlying cause of your health concerns!

My Journey

The frustration and discouragement that I experienced on my own health journey taught me to seek answers beyond the Conventional Medicine model. Thus, my passion for Functional Medicine and desire to help others help themselves has led me to become a Functional Nutritionist.

You don’t have to “go-it-alone” – let me walk with you on your path to healing.

My Mission and Practice

“Health is more than the absence of disease”
I specialize in complex cases and begin with in-depth evaluations of the patient’s health such as diet, environment, movement, mental state, and genetics. By utilizing this whole-body approach, we can identify predispositions, triggers, and mediators that are manifesting dysfunction. Advanced lab testing and questionnaires help determine the root cause or underlying imbalance. Individualized protocols are then constructed utilizing customized therapeutic diets, high-quality supplements, and lifestyle interventions.
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