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Prioritize Your Health Now

Why NOW is the best time to prioritize your health

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Why You Should Prioritize Your health

We are roughly 2 months into the COVID-19 pandemic stay at home orders and like everybody, it’s been a roller coaster.  It’s been confusing and scary at times, but we’ve also found quite a few silver linings.  I think that is one of the concepts that has and will stick in my mind as we move past this weird season.

That while this season has wreaked havoc on many lives, it also has TONS of opportunity.  And while we don’t have control of everything that is happening, what we do have control over is how we respond to what’s happening around us.  I think that is the determining factor, in what will create a great divide, in how we all see this season once it has passed.

Keeping It Together

I personally rode the wave of emotions throughout this, and I’m sure there are more to come as we seem to still have as many questions as we do answers, even now.  There were times when I thought our business was finished.  There were times when I feared the worst for many of those closest to me.  But then something shifted.  I don’t remember exactly when, but I remember coming to complete peace with whatever was to come.  I can mostly attribute that to the people around me and the faith/hope I have as a Christian.  Our team at PHP deserves all the credit in the world for coming together and moving courageously forward to keep our business (and me personally) altogether.  From that moment of peace, I was able to shift from the paralyzing place of fear and anxiety to action.  Once I was able to accept what was and focus on what I could control, everything changed. I could move again! I saw opportunity. And we moved forward.

And this leads us to what might be the biggest blind spot for the general public right now.  We’ve all been told how best to avoid COVID-19 with masks, diligent hand washing, and avoiding large gatherings.  Our media has been flooded with incessant updates on infection statistics (which lead to fear, which leads to paralysis).

But I have yet to see 1 mainstream article on how to PREPARE for COVID-19 by improving your immune system!  We’ve been told to run and hide, but not to defend ourselves.

Reality Check

And unfortunately, this is a reality that most people don’t want to admit.  We don’t have all that much control over whether we will be exposed to this coronavirus unless we live completely off the grid.  We are going to be exposed.  If we haven’t already, it will be next week, or next month, or later this year.  It’s a near certainty.  We are not going to outrun this and a vaccine is not close.  So what are you going to do RIGHT NOW?

Our bodies are incredible machines.  They are about as resilient and adaptive as anything in nature.  That is, if we ask them to be.  What do I mean by that?

Improve Your Immune System

You have the ability to improve your immune system.  You have the ability to prepare your body so that it can fight off COVID-19.  You are not helpless against it!  In fact, the more you prioritize your health, the better the fight you will put up.  Here are some numbers to back this up:

This article, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) presented data gathered from 12 hospitals across New York from 3/1-4/4.  Of all the patients that they had complete medical history on:

  • 57% had Hypertension
  • 42% were Obese
  • 34% has Diabetes

This data, released by the CDC on April 3rd, is even more staggering.  Of the patients that had complete medical history, only 37% of positive tests had at least 1 underlying health condition but:

  • 71% of those admitted to the hospital had at least 1 underlying health condition
  • 78% of those in ICU had at least 1 underlying condition
  • 94% of deaths had at least 1 underlying health condition

So what are we saying? Those with properly functioning, adaptive, resilient bodies vastly get by this situation without even being admitted to the hospital.

Let me be more clear.

Get your act together.  Do something!  The most prevalent underlying conditions that came up in these cases are preventable conditions!  Conditions that you have control over.

The lockdowns might make it seem so, but nobody is on pause right now.  We are all getting better or getting worse with our health.

Can you say #quarantine15?

We are either seeing and seizing opportunity or we are using this time as an excuse to let ourselves go.

For many people, there will never be a better time than NOW to start a new health and fitness routine.  We have fewer valid excuses now than many of us will ever have.

You owe it to yourself and everyone around you so we’re going to get you started right now!

A Free Gift

To start you off on the right foot, we have a FREE gift for you.  It’s an infographic with 8 Ways to Optimize Your Immunity and Protect Your Health and you can get it by checking the box and subscribing below.  You can unsubscribe at any time, but we know you will love the content (like our Immune Health Meal Plan), which is filled with practical tips to make you a stronger, happier human being.

We hope you you like it and that you’ll put it into action.  Because action is what will determine what how you remember this season that we are in.

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