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Athletic Performance Training

Our strength and conditioning coaches work with all ages and ability levels to help youth reach their maximum potential.

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Why our Athletic Performance Training?

Athletic training has evolved immensely over the last few decades, and it continues to evolve. It’s not just about building bigger and stronger muscles anymore.

Our Progressive Performance Training focuses on all aspects of athletic training. We focus on building neuromuscular efficiency along with strength, power, and endurance in our athletes. That means improving balance, coordination, agility, reaction time, and sport-specific movement.

We also use cutting-edge injury prevention and recovery techniques to keep athletes well-tuned and get them back on the field quickly and safely after an injury.

Sport + Position Specific

No cookie cutter programs here. Details matter. Our personalized programs target prioritized areas of need based on our athletic performance screen.


The demands on youth athletes are rigorous and it can be a struggle to stay injury free. We take a proactive approach to injury prevention and management to keep our athletes on the field and performing their best.


All athletes need positive influences and role models in their life. We know they often don’t want to listen to mom and dad. We provide a valuable bridge between parents and athletes to support and guide our athletes on and off the field.

Confidence and Growth

Our athletes develop self-accountability, confidence, and independence. We teach our athletes to help them build autonomy as they get older so they are equipped for life (in and out of the gym) without us as they get older.

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