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Are you an athlete looking to improve your sports performance or stay away from injury? If you’re looking to take your abilities to the next level, then start now by adding strength and performance training with me at Progressive Health & Performance.

Maria Martinez

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A vast majority of people who enjoy staying active or anyone who regularly participates in a sport, from the weekend warrior to the elite athlete, understands that health and fitness is the foundation of their training. However, training is not one-size-fits-all when it comes to improving athletic performance. This is where sports performance training comes in.

As a sports performance specialist, I incorporate strength training and functional movement into every athlete’s program. It is a key component that can boost your athleticism and make you a well-rounded elite player.

Training is extremely important and should form an integral part of all elite athlete’s daily routines. Training to develop strength is important for maximizing performance in most sports, especially for contact sports. It allows the body to gradually build up strength and endurance, improve skill levels and build motivation, ambition and confidence.

Training at Progressive Health & Performance is varied and tailored to the specific individual or team needs.

Start NOW to give your athletic performance an edge!

6 benefits of training with me:

  1. You will Increase athletic performance
  2. You will maintain muscle tissue
  3. You will increase strength
  4. You will improve speed, agility, and quickness
  5. You will motor learning and skill acquisition
  6. You will prevent/reduce risk of injury

My training philosophy:

My coaching philosophy to sports performance and wellness is that everyone can reach their peak potential through hard work and dedication. I train my clients through progressive training strategies to enhance their athletic capabilities. My primary focus is to improve mobility and functional strength to transfer over to sport. I combine traditional and non-traditional methods of training to improve mobility, strength and movement efficiency through tailored programming.

My Journey

My journey in health and fitness began in high school through competitive sports – primarily soccer and basketball – which allowed me to see the benefits of utilizing training methods to get stronger and see what my body is capable of doing.

I had to overcome many obstacles to get to where I am today. My college experience consisted of 5 colleges, in two states over 9 years. But I wouldn’t change a thing. In that time, the mentors and experiences I had, helped me grow my expertise in health and fitness. Which made me realize this was the career path that I was most passion about.

I was able to settle in at Cal State San Marcos, where I started to gain more knowledge about nutrition, physiology and human body movement. As I immersed myself deeper into these topics I began to recognize that each component plays a vital role in improving a person’s overall health and performance.

My goal is to be knowledgeable in all aspects of athletic performance. To improve any athletes potential to elite performance for their specific sport. With my background in kinesiology and a determined mindset, I will always push myself to strengthen my skills as a trainer to better serve YOU.

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