Let’s Catch Up on the Finish Strong 50 Fitness Challenge!

Group of Finish Strong 50 Fitness Challenge participants bringing it in after a group workout

We’re coming up on the first week of the Finish Strong 50 Fitness Challenge! We are thrilled to see so many enthusiastic participants already diving headfirst into this incredible journey towards a healthier, stronger you. The buzz around this challenge has been absolutely electric, and the good news is that it’s not too late to join in on the action!

Towards the end of the year, many individuals find it challenging to maintain their fitness journey due to a combination of factors. The holiday season, starting with Halloween and extending through Thanksgiving and Christmas, tends to bring forth a surplus of sweet and indulgent treats while also bringing in an absence of time as people gear up to cook feasts and buy gifts. The combination of tempting treats and a packed schedule can make it easier to prioritize convenience over fitness, leading to a temporary setback in their fitness journey. 

This is where the Finish Strong 50 Fitness Challenge comes in handy!

Join the Fitness Challenge, Even if You’re Late to the Party! πŸŽ‰ πŸͺ©

If you’re just hearing about the Finish Strong 50 Fitness Challenge, don’t worry – you can still sign up and be a part of this life-changing experience. Our challenge has officially kicked off, but we believe that it’s never too late to start your fitness journey. Whether you’re a seasoned fitness pro or a newbie, this challenge is designed to help you push your limits and achieve your fitness goals.

Here’s what people are up to! πŸ‹πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

People are already jumping in at full force into this challenge! Our coaches are getting people excited about staying on top of their health! Many participants are already one step closer to some of the prizes we have available. 

Our kickoff event was so much fun for all ages! Not only did people dance it out to La Vida Loca but they also got a great workout in and definitely felt the burn! Head over to our Instagram page to see a quick reel about how we kicked off our Finish Strong 50 Fitness Challenge, CLICK HERE

Running, Yoga, Peloton sessions, you name it! Our participants have done an AWESOME job at getting in their workouts to finish the year strong and stay on top of their fitness. 

Elevate Your Fitness Game with the Gold Package πŸ†

If you want to take your fitness game to the next level, consider the gold package! Members and Non-Members can sign up for this exclusive package, which comes with an array of benefits designed to supercharge your fitness journey.

Here’s what you get with the Gold Package:

  • Unlimited Peloton Rides: Get ready to pedal your way to victory with unlimited access to Peloton rides. Whether you’re into cycling or want to mix things up, our Peloton Bike is perfect for you.
  • Weekend Group Workout Classes: Join our weekend group workout classes and experience the power of community fitness. Work out with like-minded individuals, share your successes, and stay motivated together.
  • Free Nutrition Guide: Nutrition is a crucial part of any fitness journey. With our nutrition guide, you’ll receive expert advice on meal planning, healthy eating, and fueling your body for success. Included are a shopping list and a variety of recipes to try!

Affordable Pricing for Everyone πŸ•Ί

Existing members can enjoy the Gold Package for just $49 a month

For non-members who want to take advantage of the Gold Package, it’s available for just $149 a month. This is a fantastic opportunity to access premium fitness resources at an affordable price!

Click here to sign up! It’s not too late!

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