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Weight-loss: Our Top 3 (Not so Secret) Secrets About it

Trendy diets, cleanses, crazy workout programs, supplements and scales – what’s the real secret to weight-loss?

Glad you asked—because we’ll give you the truth. No gimmicks, no nonsense. Just the info you actually need.

Weight-Loss Tape Measure

Here are our top 3 secrets to weight-loss

1. Personalization ✨

While there are tons of programs that work, none of them are a silver bullet. You are biochemically unique. What works for your best friend may not work for you. Don’t get discouraged when you copy someone else and it doesn’t work out for you. 

Everyone is different, so the best plan is to work with an experienced, credentialed coach who can create a food and fitness plan that is built to match your body’s metabolic needs and while accounting for your lifestyle demands (think job and family obligations).

2. Consistency and Momentum 🏃🏽

“Hacks” and crash diets just aren’t sustainable and many of them create more problems than they solve—if they solve any problems at all. Over the years, we’ve seen too many people fall prey to empty promises, bad products and outright lies. 

To accomplish real weight-loss, we have to commit to fitness and nutrition changes and show up daily. Your weight gain didn’t happen overnight and it won’t be lost that way either. If you truly want to solve this problem, you have to make the decision to keep going even when you get knocked down. Sometimes it’s hiking through the mud and sometimes it’s rolling downhill. Either way, you have to keep at it. Every cell in your body is recycled in 7 years. That means what you’re doing today is reprogramming your body for tomorrow. Those cells that were dormant and sluggish take time to get recycled for healthy and vibrant. 

That might not sound as sexy as “lose 20 lb. in 20 days,” but it’s real.

Remember momentum builds both directions. So the longer you stick with a fitness and nutrition plan, the more room you have to veer from it without massive consequences.

3. Accountability ⏱

Study after study shows that positive health and fitness results are highly correlated with having some sort of accountability partner. Life is busy and making the right decision is hard. Most of our culture is designed to seduce you into comfort and ease. Our primitive (think survival) brain naturally chooses the easiest, most instant way to “feel good”. Working out is pretty much the opposite. It’s work. It’s uncomfortable. It’s no wonder we need a good support system to make things happen. A spouse or friend can be this person if they are committed like you are, but be realistic. If you both have a tendency to want to skip out, it’s best to invest in a coach.

Here’s more truth: Weight-loss can be very complicated. It requires mental and physical work—and that can be hard to do without a coach to guide you. Most people don’t want to take the time and effort necessary to learn and create an appropriate plan. 

What we do to Simplify things:

There’s just so much information to sift through and so much to learn. Here’s what we do:

During our FREE consultation (Click here to book), we’ll talk one on one. No pressure or tricks to get you to sign up, just a conversation. We’ll take the time to learn the ins and outs about you and your goals, how we’ll help you accomplish them, and about the different routes we can take together. From there, we’ll use our expertise and experience to give you a precise plan that reflects your unique situation. Instead, you’ll get our simple but effective recommendations for sustainable, steady, healthy progress in the right direction.

In most cases, that prescription will involve a combination of fitness activities and healthy habits in the kitchen. Whatever the path, it will be tailored to you and your goals. That’s key. And it’s why we start with a consultation instead of a bunch of wild promises. It’s all about you. 

We’ll also provide accountability along the way. That’s missing from most “miracle systems” and “quick-fix solutions.” We’ll check in with you regularly and make sure you’re on track. We’ll make adjustments as needed and celebrate every win as you move toward your goals. And when you accomplish them, we’ll make sure you have the plan you need to reach new goals and maintain your healthy lifestyle.

So that’s the real secret to weight-loss: There is no secret. It’s about making a plan and taking action. We would encourage you with this Chinese proverb…

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The 2nd best time is now.”

Take action today. 

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