Holiday Gifts that Lift: Amazing Gifts Recommended by Your Favorite 11 Coaches

This holiday season, give the gift of health and wellness with our carefully curated The PHP Holiday Gift Guide, featuring a variety of holiday gifts recommended straight from the coaches at Progressive Heath & Performance! Whether you’re shopping for a fitness fanatic, a wellness warrior, or someone just starting their health journey, our coach-approved selection is designed to inspire and elevate their well-being.

Why Trust Our Coaches?

At Progressive Health & Performance, our experienced coaches are more than just trainers – they’re passionate advocates for a holistic approach to fitness and well-being. With years of expertise in guiding individuals toward their fitness goals, our coaches have handpicked a selection of items that’s sure to make any fitness fanatic’s Christmas morning!

How We Picked These Holiday Gifts

Our coaches understand that the right tools can make a significant difference in one’s fitness journey. That’s why each product in our guide has been thoughtfully chosen from the heart of each coach. We believe that a well-rounded approach to health includes both the right mindset and the right tools. That’s why this PHP Holiday Gift Guide is the perfect tool to nail your holiday shopping!

Introducing the PHP Holiday Gift Guide!

Dr BettyLou’s Picks 🎊

PHP Shirts

What an amazing first recommendation!! Dr. BettyLou’s first recommendation is a stylish & comfortable PHP Shirt!

Get your loved one something to show off some PHP pride the next time you come in! They’re available for purchase right here at PHP!

Full-Length Shirt – $29

Cropped PHP Shirt – $25

Titan PurGreens & PurReds

PurGreens support liver and kidney functions, helping detoxify and oxygenate the blood supply while PurReds increase cellular metabolism and improve blood flow for elevated energy levels, cognitive function, and athletic performance.

The best part is that we sell Titan products right here at Progressive Health & Performance!

PurGreens – $35.82

PurReds -$35.82

Coach Alex’s Pick 🎄

Vital Protein – Collagen

Coach Alex recommend’s Vital Protien’s Collagen Peptides! Collagen helps skin elasticity and hydration, supporting joint health, aiding in wound healing, and contributing to the structural integrity of hair and nails.

Click here to purchase it!

Vital Protein Collagen – $27.90 – $41.39

Coach Amanda’s Picks 😇

Titan Glutamine

Coach Amanda’s first pick is Titan’s Glutamine! Crucial for regulating many functions of cellular metabolism, providing fuel for the digestive and immune systems, reducing soreness from weight training, and preventing muscle breakdown.

Do you know what else is great about glutamine? We sell it here at PHP!! How convenient!

Titan Glutamine – $30

Jawku Muscle Blaster Mini Therapy Gun

What a great pick! This ultra mini therapy gun is one of the smallest & lightest on the market! It has 4 message heads and 3 different speed settings! Did we mention it’s mini? So mini that it’s smaller than an iPhone!

The best part is that it’s on sale at PHP for a limited time offer! Pick yours up the next time you come into PHP!

Jawku Muscle Blaster Mini – $99

Coach Carlos’ Pick ☃️

Trigger Point Foam Roller

Using a foam roller facilitates improved flexibility, reduced muscle soreness, enhanced recovery, increased joint range of motion, injury prevention, release of trigger points, and cost-effective self-care, making it a versatile tool for promoting overall muscle health and well-being.

This Trigger Point Foam roller is a great option! We have tons of them here at PHP waiting just for you!

Trigger Point Foam Roller – $40

Coach Marc’s Pick 🕯

Trigger Point Message Ball / Lacrosse Ball

If you know Coach Marc you know he’s all about muscle recovery and stretching out those muscles!

Trigger point lacrosse balls are beneficial for muscle recovery as they effectively target and release knots and tension in muscles, promoting increased blood circulation, flexibility, and reduced muscle soreness.

Here’s a link to one we found that would make a perfect stocking stuffer! Click here!

Price – $8.99

Coach Anthony’s Picks ✨

The Republic of Tea – Peach & Ginger tea

Coach Anthony’s first pick is this Ginger Peach Tea from The Republic of Tea!

Ginger can help reduce inflammation, swelling, and pain, and is a storied remedy for reducing gas and improving digestion. Peaches contain vitamins and antioxidants. The flavor of peaches can also act upon the olfactory nerves which often elicit memories tied to happiness and relaxation.

Click here to purchase this tea!

The Republic of Tea – Peach & Ginger Tea – $4.75 – $10.25

TRX System

Investing in a TRX system provides a versatile, portable, and time-efficient fitness solution, offering benefits such as comprehensive full-body workouts, adjustable resistance, core engagement, and low-impact exercises suitable for various fitness levels.

We’ve got tons of TRX systems in PHP so you know they’re PHP certified!

Click here to find out which system is best for you!

TRX Prices Vary

Coach Moy’s Picks ❄️

Ice Shaker (Blender Bottles)

If you know Coach Moy then you know he stands by these! These blender bottles are great holiday gifts to take your supplements with you on the go! Not only are they insulated (keeping your drinks nice and chilled) but the company was founded by former NFL Fullback, Chris Gronkowski!

Click here to visit their website & check out some blender bottles for yourself!

Price Varies

Liquid Iv Packets

Drinking Liquid IV doesn’t just add a new refreshing drink into your rotation but it also helps to deliver a variety of electrolytes as well as vitamins that are essential to staying healthy!

Liquid IV’s come in all flavors & would make killer stocking stuffers!

Price Varies

Coach Gabe’s Pick 🥂

Compression Socks

What a great pick from Coach Gabe! Compression socks apply graduated pressure to enhance venous return, reducing edema and promoting blood circulation, ultimately aiding in muscle recovery and minimizing fatigue!

Making them a great gift for a wide range of ages!

Click here to check out this pair we found!

Price – $20.99

Coach Adrian’s Pick 🎁

GymShark Shorts

Stylish & practical! Who doesn’t love getting new clothes for clothes?! Especially during the Christmas season! These Gymshark shorts blend style and comfort! Wear them out to the store, to a theme park, or (of course) to the gym!

Click here to order yours

Price: $26

Coach Maria’s Pick 🌟

Dr Teal’s Epsom Salt

Epsom Salts are a great gift for those in your life who deserve a night of rewind & relaxation! its blend of pure Epsom salt and essential oils creates a soothing experience & relieves muscle tension!

You can find Epsom sale & other Dr. Teal’s products at any major store including Marshall’s and Ross’s!
Or you can click here to go to this listing!

Price – Varies

Coach Ike’s Pick 🦌

Factor Meal Boxes

Factor Meals is a great way to get meal prepped meals without the hassle of cooking & dirty dishes!! They’re very customizable to each person’s taste, dietary preferences, and need for meals!

You can get boxes that consist of 6, 8, 12, 14, or 18 meals delivered to your house each week!

Click here to explore their plans!

So don’t wait on these holiday gifts!

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